• Life sentence for 11 accused in Wayne Lotter murder trial
    av Wiebke Bomas på 2022-12-03 kl. 07:44 in News, poaching, Tanzania, trial, Wayne Lotter, Wildlife crime

    Wildlife crime does not pay: According to several news sources, yesterday saw the conviction and sentencing of eleven criminals who have been on trial for the 2017 murder of conservationist and PAMS […]

  • Read November newsletter and feedback on ERC
    av Wiebke Bomas på 2022-12-01 kl. 17:50 in European Ranger Congress, News, Newsletter, detection dogs, Nature Interpretation, rangers, training

    Our next training offers, your chance to give us feedback on the ERC, a review of the extraordinary visit from El Salvador rangers in Europe, our congress film to take you back into the atmosphere […]

  • Watch part two of our anti-poaching webinar series
    av Wiebke Bomas på 2022-11-25 kl. 10:51 in News, Training, Video, anti poaching, INPA, Israel Nature and Parks Authority, Volunteers, webinar

    Volunteering can be an important support to the work of rangers, including in the fight against poaching. In our webinar series in cooperation with the Israel Nature and Parks Authority (INPA), we […]

  • How partnership helps rangers from El Salvador and Europe
    av Wiebke Bomas på 2022-11-23 kl. 17:21 in European Ranger Congress, News, Report, Bavarian Forest National Park, El Salvador, ranger association, rangers

    When rangers around the world stand together, this not only helps them but also precious nature and humankind depending on it. The partnership between rangers from El Salvador and the Bavarian Forest […]

  • Newly (re)elected ERF Board heads into future on stable course
    av Wiebke Bomas på 2022-11-13 kl. 18:06 in European Ranger Congress, Interview, News, board elections ERF, European rangers, President, Vice President

    Actually, the changes after the board elections at the European Ranger Congress boil down to an “l” in the first name: After three years as Vice-President, Ian Brooker is replaced by Ilan Yeger, […]

  • Coming soon: Online Training Dogs for Conservation
    av Wiebke Bomas på 2022-11-10 kl. 14:21 in News, Training, detection dogs, k9 dogs, rangers, scent imprint dogs, training

    Make sure to save that date if you’re into dogs and conservation: On Thursday, 8 December, Wesley Visscher, CEO of Scent Imprint Conservation Dogs, is visiting us to offer an online training on […]

  • 24 nationalities, many commonalities: Rangers exchange on the “most beautiful job in the world”
    av Wiebke Bomas på 2022-11-04 kl. 15:24 in European Ranger Congress, Report, albania, National Park Shebenik-Jablanica, rangers

    On the road with rangers from Europe and all over the world in the mountains of the Shebenik-Jablanica National Park in Albania. Time to talk: about what it means to be outdoors every day and […]

  • And action: Video shows highlights of 5th ERC
    av Wiebke Bomas på 2022-11-04 kl. 12:14 in European Ranger Congress, News, albania, congress film, European Ranger Congress 2022, image video

    Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the ERC: Our congress film takes you there. Sit back and let yourself be taken away into an atmosphere of intensive work in workshops, inspiring presentations […]

  • ERF October Newsletter is here
    av Wiebke Bomas på 2022-10-31 kl. 08:59 in News, Newsletter, European Ranger Congress, Rangers of Hungary, Rangers of Serbia

    A review of the Congress in Albania, its collected presentations in the upload, an insight into Albania’s protected areas and being a ranger in Serbia and Hungary: read this and more now in the […]

  • Tirana Commitment: action points to better support Europe’s rangers
    av Wiebke Bomas på 2022-10-29 kl. 11:12 in European Ranger Congress, Tirana Commitment

    The European Ranger Congress was also an opportunity for the Board of the European Ranger Federation and the representatives of the national ranger associations to reflect together on a strategic […]


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